Moving home…

…I moved home today. ¬†Admittedly, it was a little move, only 13 miles, but when you factor in a 60 hour working week and having FM…oh my deity I learnt some lessons.

As I have previously blogged, I was brought up army and if there is one thing army families know how to do, it is to move. Up and out in 24 hours in some cases and we just got on with it.

On civvy street, I still follow what I learned growing up army, but fm..that monkey on my back, just has to add it’s tuppenny worth. It has taken me a grand total of 6 weeks to arrange a new home, pack and prepare. (I made the fatal mistake of not resting up yesterday but instead still did a full days work and then packed more when I got in..this after the MAMMOTH packing session I had on Wednesday night and due to being wound up on getting things done, did not sleep either)

Sooooooooooooo, I was up at 6am to do some final preperations and the removals men were amazing, it took them an hour to load, 20 minutes to get to my new house and then an hour to offload so they were done at 11.30am. WIN!

At 11, the guys came to fix the locks on the front door and the Broadband guy arrived at 1 so by 1.30pm, I was finally alone to take it all in. I had a blinding cup of tea!!!

I unpacked quite a bit throughout the day, but I am utterly shredded, there is nothing left of me, and therefore, I think I will go to my bed and ponder on reporting my tale of moving tomorrow…mmmm bed, sleep…