Acupuncture: My first session

I had my first acupuncture session yesterday morning (my lovely doc is trying to help me as best he can bless him 🙂 )

I had had an appointment with my doctor the same morning prior to the acupuncture session (in relation to having real problems with restless leg syndrome recently as well as Achilles tendonitis, which is grim) and as the acupuncturist is based at the same surgery, not only did she discuss the conditions I have and what needed treating, but tshe could see them on the computer system too. So, the aim was to treat the FM, RLS, the pain from my crumbling spine and my ankle.

The acupuncturist said she would just start with a few needles and will build these up over a number of sessions.

So, to start with, I had one needle in each hand in the soft part between thumb and forefinger, 4 in the back of my neck, 3 in the front of each leg and the grim one, one in each foot between the big toe and next toe grooo.

In the first instance, I was a bit surprised by the flush of heat through my body and was a little uncomfortable in that I couldn’t move my fingers I didn’t dare lay back or move for fear of ramming the needles further in or disturbing them

The acupuncturist said she was going to leave me on my own for 20 minutes and then turned the light off and toddled off

It was odd just sitting there and I think I was very tense due to the fear I described above, but I thought, ok, let’s just see.

Anyhoo, I have bruised a bit where the needles were, and I do feel pretty much the same as before I had the session. However, I was wiped out last night, but that could be attributed to the trek to get to the session (walk, train, walk, session, lift back to work of 8 mile, full day of work etc) Although, I did only wake up once last night which is GREAT for me lol

I am signed up for 6 sessions with a view to having more, and will stick to them to see if it is beneficial. I am very hopeful that it will help and friends on the FMA UK forum have also been very helpful in sharing their experiences of acupuncture, so watch this space!

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