FM and acupuncture?


Well, another docs appointment yesterday and my lovely doc has referred me for acupuncture. I have seen various people talk about it on the FMA UK forums and now I will be trying it myself. (Please note that URL’s not in bold need to be copied and pasted into a new browser page)

My dad has had a ton of acupuncture for his neck and back (a lifetime in the army made it necessary) and he swears by it. Apparently it is a rough start but effective over time

The only worry I have, is how it will manage the huge array of pain sources? I want to be positive about it, but I imagine that the acupuncture would have to be focussed on the spinal cord in order to disrupt the pain signals being transmitted from all the different pain locales to the brain? Also, I am intrigued as to just how many of the copious FM symptoms it would be effective on.

It would be interesting to see if the acupuncture would assist with energy levels as one of the most frustrating aspects of FM is when all of your energy is sucked out of you almost instantaneously. (Not fun when you are at work or having your first visit to the pub for a year *humphf* )

So on to research.

Not at all enthused by this abstract from Oxford Journals. Annoyed at this study from Washington in 2005 which insinuates that the treatment was purely psychosomatic which subsequently infers that FM is a psychological condition and not as it actually is, a neurological one: The title itself encourages me to hold the paper in contempt. THe title would appear more professional if it would acknowledge the administration of non-effective acupuncture ie a placebo (Phlllrrrbbbt). Perspective is required in that at the time of this study, FM had only been identified for approximately 5 years.

Very interested in the following article which attempts to ofer a logical explanation and validation of the treatment: (Whilst it is not in the form of research, it is a nice overview)

Another abstract indicates that whilst acupuncture is effective in pain relief, it unfortunately does not alleviate the chronic fatigue or other symptoms of FM:

So,if I am to rely on a small selection of published media, I would assume that acupuncture s a viable treatment for pain relief. In addition, the opinions of friends and family would lead me to believe that it is also a good treatment for pain in the bones and joints. However, as with anything, I am going to try it for myself and see where it takes me. 🙂

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