Some tips for when Fibromyalgia flares


I have had a really rough weekend this weekend whereby the FM has decided it was going to have a rave in my body and everybody was invited. It seems the requirement was that they were wearing stiletto’s and clogs and were prepared to stomp their way around my joints and limbs for the last 2 days…

This made me think, what do I do to get through it when it is really bad and I am in so much pain, I cannot even communicate. These tips may not help for others, as we all experience pain differently, but it works for me. No, it will not take the pain away, but it helps me cope.

  • Take your meds regularly so that you have a constant routine. I have found that when I miss my meds, my flares are a lot worse.
  • I have a big problem with polymyalgia and polyarthralgia, which affects all of my joints as well as my muscles. On a day to day basis, I wear Imak arthritis gloves to give my hands warmth and support while I am typing. I also wear angora joint warmers on my wrists which can be pulled up to my elbows if necessary. In short, if you have an area which hurts more than others, take precautions to keep that area as comfortable as possible.
  • Fabric softener. Sounds a bit odd, but fabric softener is essential for me as if I make my clothes, gloves, joint warmers, bedding etc as soft as possible, it assists in the perception of cocooning yourself in comfort. I find it very soothing, a barrier if you will when so much pain is being emanated from inside my bones.
  • Duvet and pillows. When I am really bad, and I cannot sit up, I have a method of making a nest from my duvet and pillows. I make the duvet into a sausage shape in order to lay on my side and support the upper leg whilst providing a barrier so that my knees are not pressed together, the same goes for my arms. I set up my pillows so that my neck and head are well supported and I also lay pillows behind me to support my back. The combination of duvet and pillows not only provides support, but also warmth. I have a light blanket which I lay over the top of me if necessary when in this postion.
  • If I am at the state of needing to lay down, I also need to darken the room and keep noise to a minimum, which isn’t great if you have a partner who wants to watch tv! I was lucky enough in that the wookie bought me a sleeping mask and that providing the tv is low (and he uses subtitles anyway as he has bad hearing) we can still be in the same room despite my having a big old flare. The mask is great to relax you down as it gives the perception that it is the middle of the night. Also, mine is very soft on the inside and this is very soothing on my eyes and temples
So these are just a few tips that work for me and no doubt, I will add some more as time goes by 🙂
All good karma x

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