Wow..what a year so far..

Bloody hell, if it is not one thing, it’s another!! I can certainly say that whilst my life is restricted in many ways, it’s certainly not boring by any stretch of the imagination.  

Soooo, let me review the events in the first two months of the year;

  • I find out I have to move home. The negative is the faff on that moving is and the challenges that getting it all sorted actually pose for me. The positive is that I will be closer to work and have my own space again. It’s another new beginning
  • I have to have an operation on the 14th March. The negative is that the timing along with the move is not the best, but the positive is that I get this huffing great lipoma removed from my back/ under my shoulderblade so it should ease off the pain it causes. Whoop! Negative – it is going to be an arse to heal. Positive, mam is going to help me look after the wound
  • I found out a certain energy company has put a default on my credit file in error and it has been there for the past two and a half years! Negative – tons of e-mails and correspondence back and forth. Positive – The ombudsman is taking my case and my OCD has again paid off as I had all of the documentation from when I cancelled said companies service and also when I first dealt with their mistake..
  • Further to the above problem, a certain credit reference agency has been reporting that I lived at an address that I moved from 3 years ago, despite the fact that they knew that I had moved and provided that information to the energy company, and yet did not update my record, saying that it was my responsibility to do so??? What the hell??? Negative – I have to clarify my complaint to them. Positive – I will get it sorted
  • Rheumatologist appointment was absolutely shite. It was just a repeat of the last one four months previously and in short, he just said there was nothing more that could be done for me apart from pain management and off you go. GR. Negative – The appointment really brought me down. Positive – I have educated myself about FM and will continue to try and help myself. I WILL focus on what I CAN do and I will not lament what I cannot do. The other positive is that I have 2 great doctors and a brilliant nurse practitioner at my local surgery who are brilliant and understanding and I know that I can rely on them to listen in case I need a medicines review or have any problems
  • I was involved in a car crash on Tuesday and not only do I have whiplash, my trapezius along with the muscle down the right side of my spine is in spasm. Negative – OWOWOWOWOWW! Positive – Physio to get sorted and a claim as the crash was the other parties fault
Soooooo, a lot of challenges in a very short space of time and I am hoping that by the end of March, everything will settle down.

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