Smodcast Network and Plus One #14

Wow…now my friends know that I am a massive fan of the Smodcast network and I was just catching up today and listening to “Plus One” #14 (Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach) and Fibromyalgia was mentioned as an example of something of severity. Now I know it was only being used as an example, but it is amazing that two people I respect obviously understand how brutal the condition that I have is. It is so refreshing to hear it as a reference as opposed to something that people know nothing about and subsequently dismiss as irrelevant 

It really made my day

If you want a really decent set of podcasts to listen to, seriously, try the smodcast network (but beware of the swears yo!) There is something for everybody there whether you are a film buff, enjoy comedy or whatever, it’s just mint;

Try it, I am sure you will like it 😀

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