Days of the week – As I see them

I adore humpday, it is one of the best days of the week. For those of you not familoiar with the term, it goes like this; If you imagine that Monday is at the bottom of the hill, the weekend looks soooooo far away and it is an uphaill struggle. Tuesday is pretty much neither here nor there and has no real identity as days go lol. Anyhoo, you get to Wednesday at midday and it is all downhill to the weekend, ergo, humpday. 
So this led me to have a little to and fro with a friend on FB and assign further identities to the days of the week (it was a slow news week (”,) )
Monday = Moanday: Just get it out of your system. Nobody likes Monday’s, so have a 5 year old style tantrum to vent all that bad karma out of your spleen and set yourself up to use Monday as a springboard to the rest of the week
Tuesday = Tootday: Ok, so we have established that in my opinion, Tuesdays have no identity apart from being a blah blah blah bleh day. I have therefore decided to declare “toot” to as many people as possible on this day. The main victims being my colleagues at work. (I already get odd looks on the bus so have decided to abstain from saying toot in that scenario)
Wednesday = Humpday: We shall leave the mighty humpday as it is as it gets me through the week (”,)
Thursday = Fursday: this is the day where you reward yourself for gettinng this far and take the opportunity to snuggle up in something (anything?) lovely and soft and just find real comfort for a couple of hours
Friday = Friteday or Fryday: Depending on your inclination and whether you are minxy or a foody. If you are minxy, make this the day that you jump out on someone and say boo! Or even just pretend to be a rather lacksadaisical bear (or tiger) and just say “Gr” with supporting claw hand motion thing…Fryday for foodies is self-explanatory
I am still contemplating on the re-identification of the two glorious days of the weekend and as it stands, I have only re-named Sunday snugday as it is a lovely old sleepy day, however, this does detract from the necessity to have adventures at least once a week so is currently under consultation
Yes, my perceptions may seem slightly unhinged, but perception is half the battle to whether you are going to be happy or sad on a given day, so I am going to stick with warping my own perceptions of reality at evry given opportunity
There is a time and a place for being sensible and all growed up, but nobody knows when you are acting like a complete juvenile in your imagination. Long may it remain (^_^)

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